Why Food?


A little bit of background – I grew up appreciating a lot of homemade dishes that I got to enjoy from both my mother and grandmother. I was able to do a lot of baking with my grandma and I watched my mom when she cooked.  As I got older and had to fend for myself I started experimenting with food. I had A LOT of failed foods. But I also started creating some really fun dishes.



What I really got good at was making healthier things that didn’t taste like chalk or vomit though. I value health and wellness but I also want to enjoy  the food I eat. Not everything I cook is absolutely health conscious but I do put more time and effort into those dishes!



I hope as this develops I am able to reach out to a few of you and help inspire you to play around with food or even modify some of my own dishes! I’ve included some recent pictures of food I have enjoyed. Feel free to share with me some ideas of things you’d love to see!





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